We’ve undertaken many restoration projects, both large and small, where design is as important as functionality. We are able to replicate styles to comply with listed building and conservation requirements, as we work in close partnership and in collaboration with conservation departments at local councils and with national charities. We believe it’s important to restore and conserve historical buildings, whilst creating a functional space in which to live, work or worship. The aim of our property restoration services is to maintain the character of a property while making it practical for personal or business use, and for local people to appreciate. Our joiners at Morris Joinery, plasterers and crafts team work together to recreate the building as it was with great precision, as well as incorporating more modern elements where required and appropriate. We have a track record of delivering award-winning projects - regenerating old properties to give them a new lease on life. Our building restoration services offer attention to detail and with care to ensure accurate restoration – returning the building to its former glory.