We strive to be the most socially responsible and ethically considerate organisation we can be. We fully recognise our responsibility to continually improve the economic, social and environmental impact in the way we do business, respecting human rights and with the interests of our employees, customers and wider society at heart.

Our long-standing and committed team are guided by our collective vision and our values:


To be the region’s first choice construction partner, developing long-term client relationships and working collaboratively to shape the built environment.


Quality – what we build and how we build it

Trust – through collaboration and honesty

Commitment – to Health and Safety, problem-solving and going the extra mile

Responsibility – socially, commercially and environmentally

Champions – for local communities and home growing talent

We are particularly passionate about investing in and involving ourselves within the local communities we serve. We choose to work with local contractors and subcontractors wherever possible to keep the supply chain simple and short. We have built an enviable base of approved suppliers who work on the same values and principles as ourselves and who are regularly reviewed on performance, quality, price and compliance.

We are guided by our CSR Policy 2021 2022 which sets out our ambitions and achievements under three key headings: People, Community and Environment.


We’re great believers in nurturing home-grown talent and giving apprenticeship opportunities for local enthusiastic youngsters to learn and grow with our experienced teams. We have a track record of success in our Joinery Workshop and on our construction sites where our active apprenticeship programme for site managers includes Nathan Jones who joined us recently from Shrewsbury Colleges working with us to train as a Site Manager (catch his story here).

Expanding access to apprenticeship programmes and facilitating networking opportunities with our sub-contractors ensures apprentices and work experience students gain access to opportunities within the sector. We want our rising stars to meet a great network of tradespeople which in turn will pave the way for long-term career success in the sector.

The group-wide Stepping stone Project invites staff members to nominate worthy entrants two of whom are selected for six-month placements and we create roles to suit their skills. Over the years, we have had great success helping young people onward to success. Drew is an example of a Stepping Stone candidate who has gone on to great things with us – not only joining our business permanently, but has been promoted and is currently our Transformation Manager in the Care division. Hear Drew’s story here.