Work with us

At Morris Property Limited our supply chain is one of our most important assets and we are always looking for quality subcontractors to work with us.  

Morris Property Limited are dedicated to ensuring that all our Sub Contractors have the skills, knowledge and training to work in a safe and protected manner. In order to maintain this, we conduct a Health & Safety approval process, in the form of a questionnaire, which is managed by our dedicated Health & Safety specialists.

If you are interested in working with us on our projects and would like to receive enquiries for future works, please follow the steps below to become an approved contractor;

Interested in working with us?

  • Download copy of the approval questionnaire which suits your company (please see below regarding forms)
  • Complete and attached requested information
  • Return to [email protected]

Which Form?

  • If you are a general subcontractor please complete and return form F.5
  • If you provided design as part of your works please complete and return forms F.5 and F.6
  • If you provide scaffolding, please return form F.7