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[email protected] offers 67,884 ft2 ft2 of industrial and office space at the flagship site next to Jaguar Land Rover on the i54 business park.

i54 is a strategic site in the centre of the UK, adjacent to the M54 motorway with its own dedicated access to Junction 2. Excellent access is available to the national motorway network via the M6, M6 Toll and A449.

Following on from the huge success to date at i54, the second phase has commenced with a further extension of 60 acres to the west of the existing development available for Advanced Manufacturing, Technology, Training, Innovation and other related uses.

1 Innovation Drive, i54, Wolverhampton WV9 5GA





Key Features

  • Very competitive labour, property and operational costs
  • 1,595,700 labour pool within 30 minute drive time
  • 2,123,500 people of a working age within a 20 mile radius
  • 1,437,000 have qualifications above NVQ Level 2
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